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Mar 30, 2009 at 02:45 PM

LDAP functions from ABAP


Hi Everyone 😉,

We have a Active Directory structure here that replicates our org structure in SAP i.e. Each AD user

is in an OU in LDAP that is based on a SAP Org Unit, the structure is hierarchical.

This allows permissions to be allocated at an Org Unit level as well as a user level.

We are reviewing the current process to ensure its the best fit for what we require.

At the moment we extract HR data from SAP and use a third party tool to update certain AD

attributes. The process works well for many senarios....

Change of directorate

Change of org unit

Change of position - i'm assuming this is just an attribute

Change of job - as above - an attribute !

Change of name, building name, address, tel no, cost centre....etc - as above an attribute

Using the LDAP connector and associated LDAP Function Modules, is it possible to create

new LDAP org units, if a corresponding SAP HR Org Unit is created and remove them should the Org Unit stucture in SAP change.... ?

We know of one LDAP ABAP function module SPLDAP_RECEIVE_ATTRIBUTES, can you clarify if others exist ?

Is the LDAP connector mainly used for attribute changes with a flat AD structure.... ?