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Mar 30, 2009 at 02:42 PM

Multiple Payloads Mapping possible? Just the first Payload is mapped.



is it possible to map multiple Payloads in one XI Message?

My Source File is a zip (xml files) I unziped it in Sender CC

I have message structure as this in my integration server

XI Message

- payload 1

- payload 2

- payload 3

- ....

The payload reflects the message type in Design.

I want to send to ABAP Proxy and use every payload for storing data.

I use a Interface Mapping - 1 to 0..unbounded and also advance interface determination with Interface Mapping.

But just the first payload is getting mapped.

So, is it possible in general to get multi payloads mapped without BPM?

We will have 10.000 xml per zip, so BPM is not an option, because of performance.

Thanks and best regards