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Mar 30, 2009 at 12:28 PM

How do I upload only a few lines of a file from the presentation server?


Hi there guys,

I'd like to upload the contents of a file on my HD (presentation server) to an internal table. I know this can be achieved by using the GUI_UPLOAD function module. But what if I only want to upload a part of the file, not the whole thing? Like the first 100 bytes or 10 lines or something like that. Some files are just way too big to upload them as a whole. I tried using the OPEN DATASET statement, but that seems to work only for files on the application server. If I try to open 'C: emp est.txt' (for example) with OPEN DATASET, I get an error. Do I have to put the filename differently or am I totally wrong with OPEN DATASET? I'm kinda stuck here and I'd appreciate your help.