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Mar 30, 2009 at 11:49 AM

Sender SOAP Adapter: zipped Payload or zipped Attachement possible?



I've a SOAP --> PI --> Proxy Scenario. As the payload of the message can become quite huge (around 10MB), I'd like to zip the message.

From the documentation it's not clear for me if the Sender SOAP Adapter can be enhanced with the standard PayloadZipBean:

"You cannot add your own modules to this adapter" --> so is it possible to use modules provided by SAP?

If it's not possible: is there another way to send the message zipped via SOAP, e.g. as a additional attachement to the SOAP message, and to unzip the attachement / use the content of it as message payload for mapping?

Please note: usage of SOAP is a must for that scenario.

Best regards