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Mar 30, 2009 at 09:08 AM

BIA Backup, missing [backupserver] in TREXDaemon.ini



I'm trying to active the backup of your BIA. In the administration Guide Version 1.6 on page 50/51 it is stated that you have to activate the TREX admin server by editing the TREXDaemon.ini.

I have entered the backupserver to the line "programs" in the TREXDaemon.ini. The administration guide says that the TREXDaemon.ini already contains a preconfigured [backupserver] section as of BIA7.0 Revision 45.

This [backupserver] section is not present in our TREXDaemon.ini. We are on BIA7.0 Revision 48, so it should be available.

After the daemon restarts i found the following line in thetrace of TrexDaemon:

no definition for program backupserver found -> ignored

Can anyone tell me what is the content of the [backupserver] section?

Thanks in advance,

Floris van Beekum