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Mar 30, 2009 at 08:36 AM

Aggregation level query "value help" = Only Values in InfoProv doesn't work



I have a problem with Selection Variable for a BEx Query :

- I'm working with SAP BI 7.0 support package 15

- My query is an input ready query built for an "aggregation level" based on "real time infocube" (Planning);

- Characteristic, I want to filter with variable, has query property Advanced->Query Execution for Filter Value Selection = Only Values in InfoProvider

- Characteristic (info-object) has set the property: Business Explorer tab--> Query Def. Filter Value Selection as Only Values in the info-provider...

My problem is:

when I execute a query,

the Select Values for Variables screen appears

I push on the Select from List button

and Select Values For MyCharacteristic appears...

but it shows me all values in master data table of my characteristic instead of only values in the infoprovider!!!

If I build a query for the Real Time Cube it works correctly, but if the query is built for the aggregation level it doesn't work!

Could someone explain me why it doesn't work correctly?

Thanks in advanced