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Mar 30, 2009 at 06:24 AM




I have created one wage type 1LOC ( Location allowance ) from M200. Eligibility is getting varied from grade to grade for this allowance. ( Example Rs. 5000 to 10000 per month ). As per the requirement, I have to configure this wage type for exemption of Rs.1000 per month u/s 10.

I planned to use INCTX function for this exemption.

In V_T7INA9, I maintained this wage type and mentioned that it is Allowance.

In V_T7INT9, I mapped the Standard Tax code SEXM to the wage type 1LOC and mentioned the frequency as Monthly & Exemption amount as Rs. 1000.

In T591A, I used the standard subtype as SEXM u2013 Generic Tax exemption and In the T7INT7, the tax code as SEXM u2013 Generic Tax exemption.

1LOC Wage type is maintained in the Infotype 0008 & Exemption for the month April 09 in Infotype 0582 as Rs. 1000 against the subtype SEXM.

I copied annual & monthly customer specific exemption wage types MCAX & MCMX and created as 1LAX & 1LMX.

In Schema, it is maintained as INCTX SEXM 1LAX A 1LMX

After executing the Payroll run, I checked the exemption details in Payroll log, 1LMX is getting displayed as Rs. 1000 & 1LAX as Rs. 12000 But it is not creating /132 & /130.

I would like to know the reason that why it is not getting generated ? If any changes required in config, Please let me know.

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