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Former Member
Mar 29, 2009 at 07:43 PM

SAP standard program change


while creating a copy of the standard sap program rm07docs and making changes in the copy of the program and thereby running the copy program , I am not sure what happened that the standard programs include rm07docs_generated changed on its own and is now showing syntax erro in the program. Infact I never went inside the standard program on change mode itself , so I am wondering how did the program change on its own and also there is no transport generated if it is changed .

Is it possible that if i copy syandard program and make soem changes to the copy and try running that teh standard program will change on tself and not create a transport too . Is it possible to retrive the original code as it was in the rm07docs _genrated so that I can restor eit back to teh riginal and make the standard program running back gaian. Actaually teh ibnternal table and selection screen and few other stuff has vansihed on its own as I never used my access key too to modify the standard program.