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Mar 29, 2009 at 05:55 AM

Administration of Z objects in BI Landscape u2013 Compare Z Objects


I would like to COMPARE the Z (Customer created) objects in the BI Landscape; we have 3 systems Development (DEV) , Quality (QAS) and Production (PRD).

I am aware of how to get a list of all the Z Objects that exist in the systems, I have looked in the metadata repository and I am also aware of the following post of SDN

to get the list of cube, object, info source etc

My issue is that some of the objects are only in DEV, while others are only is DEV and QAS and even fewer are in PRD..

Is there an efficient way of monitoring and comparing these Z objects? I want to make a list (or compare all the Z objects in all three systems in another way) and then at a later stage I plan to clean up the landscape by getting rid of the Z objects (all types, InfoCubes, DSOu2019s, InfoObjs etc) which we do not need and they only exist in DEV or QAS but not in PRD.

I have started this process by making a list of objects of all types by using Z* in the selection field and then copying the list that appears but this method is very tedious, especially as I am manually comparing the listu2026 I have over 200 Z infoObjects in DEV and around 120 in QAS and 75 in PRD.. so as you can see it will be very time consuming to compare all there systems..

Also if possible I would like to compare all the Queries that we have created (on all the InfoCubes, MultiProviders, InfoSets etc) and if possible find out which ones are used most recently.

I know I am asking for a lot, but I need to pool all the expertise of good people at SDN and I will then share my knowledge with all of my team and the developer community as a whole, thatu2019s how knowledge spreads to benefit us all in the long run.

I am looking for any better ideas or suggestions on how I can compare the three systems and all ideas are welcome.

Many Thanks in Advance for your help..