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Jul 21, 2018 at 06:06 PM

how to exclude portion of unabsorbed costs from fixed indirect overheads(according to IAS2)?


Dear SAP Experts,

For calculating product cost, according to International Accounting Standard 2 we need to exclude a portion of fixed indirect overhead costs from the COGM calculation process and it must go to P&L report. The portion is calculated based on utilization of production capacity. So the questions are as bellow:

  • 1.Is there any way to calculate that portion by PP and used by CO automatically?
  • 2.If the required portion is identified by PP supervisor (in an Excel file) how we can use it to calculate unabsorbed costs and send it to P&L report?
  • 3. Is there any way to see the COGS(or COGM) based on primary cost element groups? However, we know that is possible to use Activity types in cost component structure.

Thank you in advance.