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Mar 27, 2009 at 10:48 PM

Sales order stock on delivery document and transfer order


Hi all,

At my current client I have a requirement where we need to put stock against sales order (sales order stock E). So, being a MTO process we create production order and perform goods reciept to unrestricted stock. To avoid getting picked up by a different sales order, we move the stock to sales order stock using 412 E (tcode: MB1B). Here are the issues I am facing currently:

1. Is there a direct way of receiving production order directly to sales order stock?

2. I couldn't find a way to do the first, so I am currently receiving production order against unrestricted inventory and then move it using MB1B. So, the stock can be seen to assigned to sales order.

2a. When I create delivery it is not consuming same stock, it is consuming inventory out of unrestricted stock (if any, in case no inventory is available it throws error of 0 available quantity). Once I have assigned sales order stock why is it still looking into unrestricted? Is it due to the requirement type which is assigned. Do I need to change the item category so availability will check sales order stock (similar to item category TAB)?

2b. This probably will be resolved if I get the delivery fixed but we have SAP WM and during TO creation I don't see the special stock reference filled in? I tested this process with item category ZTAB (copy of TAB) which creates purchase requisition and it seems to be working but I don't need the purchase req for my case.

3. This is more of an accounting issue: when I attempt to move stock from unrestricted to sales order stock using 412 E, I was getting "Account XXXXX is not assigned to cost center". So, I went in an assigned a cost center to this cost element. IS THIS REQUIRED & WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE as it takes stock out of inventory.

I understand it crosses other functional areas but even if you can clarify 1 part of it, will be very helpful.