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Former Member
Mar 27, 2009 at 02:58 PM

F.64 printer problem


Hy gurus!

When I run the program F.64 Maintain Correspondence Requests with SAP40 correspondence (Down payment invoice) I have a problem with printing it.

I will try to explain: when I run this program I get a list of correspondence requests. When I go to Print preview for one of them, the print preview is ok, but it says it will printed out on printer FL01.

But when I am on a list of requests and without entering in print preview I go in Print and then he asks me where do I want to print it. As default he gives me printer IL02 which is set as default in my user settings.

Lot of people are printing this correspondece after making print preview then all this requests goes on printer FL01. Which is wrong. I don't know where is this set so I am not able to correct this. Can someone help me!

Thanks in advance!!