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Mar 27, 2009 at 02:50 PM

Cluster installation on single node - any comments ?



I've got this scenario:

existing ERP6.0 on Windows 2003, 32bit, Oracle - single host installation

Now second server and storage arrived.

The plan is to perform system copy on this new machine that will be configured with MSCS.

Old machine will be serving as backup node and maybe dialog instance before failover.


We have to split this activity in two phases:

1) System copy on new machine and switch people and configuration to use new one.

2) After some time wipe the old one and reinstall win2003 and MSCS then install SAP and Oracle components.

The problem is that second node (old server) will be unavailable during installation on new one.

Maybe someone have previous experience with cluster environment and installtion on one node only ?