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Mar 27, 2009 at 02:15 PM

Free space in Index Tablespace


Dear Support,

According to DB02 u201Ctablespace global viewu201D, the size of an Index tablespace is 60 GB and the free space is 10 GB. The u201Cdba_segmentu201D view of this tablespace (in DB02) shows us that the sum of the index sizes is less than 10 GB.

This means that we have: 60 GB allocated u2013 10 GB free u2013 10 GB used for the indexes = 40 GB

What has happened with de 40 GB ?

We rebuilt the indexes on a regular basis using the u201Calter index rebuild parallel 5u201D followed by a u201Calter index noparallel u201C statement. After the rebuild the Index Tablespace is free from temporary segments.

Thank you for your help