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Mar 27, 2009 at 01:52 PM

SAP Enterprise Service via .Net


I'm attempting to write an application that consumes both a BAPI and a custom SAP Service. I started the route I knew, I requested the WSDL from the SAP guys and coded up the Web Service. Using a couple of examples out there as a starting point I tried to write the application. What I discovered was that the WSDL did not give me the same properties and methods I was expecting. I was expecting to see something like "BAPIthingService". Instead the service exposes PortTypeClients and Request and Response methods. I then discovered the enterprise service explorer, but have been unable to connect to it(hoping it will do something to the WSDL to expose what I am looking for).

I'm hoping someone on this list can say something like "oh, all you need to do is..." or "can you provide more information about ..."

Thank you in advance.