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Mar 27, 2009 at 12:01 PM

Stock Transport Orders consuming forecast in APO - SNP



I have a problem where the Stock Tansport Orders (STO's) in R/3 are consuming the forecast, therefore when I go into SNP, I dont see the correct forecasts quantities from DP reflecting in SNP.

When I go into Product View (/SAPAPO/RRP3 - Product View) I see the STO's quantities reflecting in the "Allocated Qty" field.

It seems the Allocated Qty is consuming the forecast and I dont know where this qty comes from as I have looked at the STO's in R/3 and the qtys ordered do not match up with the APO Product View "Allocated Qty".

Where does the "Allocated Qty" come from and how do I delete it other than deleting the material of the ordered material list in the STO?