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Mar 27, 2009 at 10:39 AM

Choose event capture


Hi Experts

I have created a choose list type text box it show the list but when i select any bp row it return bpcode properly but it does not return bp name and after that other event does not work.

The code is as fellows

if (pval.eventType = SAPbouiCom.Bo_Event_Type.et_Choose_From_List)

dim iChoose as SAPbouiCom.iChooseFromList

dim Val as string

dim val2 as string

iChoose = pval

dim CFL_ID as string

CFL_ID = iChoose.ChooseFromUID

dim oForm as SAPbouiCom.Form

dim CFL as SAPbouiCom.ChooseList

CFL = oForm.Chooselist.Item(CFL_ID)

if iChoose.BeforeAction = Falsethen

dim oDatatable as SAPbouiCom.Datatable

oDatatable = iChoose.SelectedObject


val = oDatatable.Getvalue (0,0)

val1 = oDatatable.Getvalue(1,0)


end try

CustCode.value = val

custName .value = val1

Plz help as early as possible