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Mar 27, 2009 at 10:01 AM

Change of BP name in BP Master to have respective change in open documents


Example, there is a BP Code A0001, BP name ABC Pte Ltd.

There are some sales order for A0001 with the name as ABC Pte Ltd.

There is a change in the BP name to ABC Trading Pte Ltd in the Business Partner Master.


1) The open sales order still reflect the old name ABC Pte Ltd. The field is greyed and cannot be changed.

2) When create a Delivery Order based on Sales Order, the old BP name still reflects.

If try to change the name, a system message on 'Update document rows according to new BP's data'

Choosing Ye or No will show the new BP name, but the link to the base document Sales Order, and the Remarks are "deleted".

Change of BP name is quite common in every Industry, and yet in SAP there is no proper way that the change in BP name can reflect correctly for open documents.

Any workaround or SAP is resolving this issue in future patches for 2007???