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Mar 26, 2009 at 07:20 PM

Report hungs while viewing in ActiveX Vewer


1st hope, I'm in the correct forum.

I'm working in VB6 (I know) with CR XI; the output forms were created in 9 and have been merged to 11 through 10. I made a simple modification (Changed some text to exclude one of our products) and now when I open this report I get a viewer that hangs. If I click the viewer it will show the first page of the report, if I click the next or last page arrow, the viewer stalls (I think, I have left it over night and no change). If I attempt to print or export the report, It will simply sit and hang out. That is until I press the Alt key, then it brings the current dialog forward and I can proceed. With that said, I tried the Alt key while scrolling the pages and nope, nothing happening but hanging around.

So...I've tried creating a report form scratch, same result

I've tried a know good copy of the report (before editing) same results

I've tried a new viewer form and the new report, same

I have a version of the report that was modified about 6 months ago and it works fine, I made a copy of that form and report, same results.

Could this be something in the report or is in the viewer?

Other things:

The report acts the same when viewed in the CR XI program, I cannot view other pages.

The reports were created in the CR designer (DSR)

Thanks for any help, Iu2019m at my wits endsu2026