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Mar 26, 2009 at 03:14 PM

Real Time Integration Integation of CO to FI confusion


Hi all:

I am confused on how real-time integration of CO to FI works with ECC 6.0 and New G/L.

By default, does Real Time integration mean that any CO transaction that crosses profit center, company code, or business area segment, etc create an FI document?

If integration is 'Real time" why is it then necessary to create a variant to specify when to create a FI docuement? Is it to further enhance or restrict specific CO postigns that will create an FI document?

Our Scenario:

We currently have real-time integration active, and are using the 'Checkbox' method in defining our variant with all boxes checked. The problem is that when a KB15N transaction is done between a Cost Center and Order with the same company code, profit center, functional area, segment, etc, no FI document is created. Since all the items in the checboxes are the same, no FI document is created.

This is a problem as our reports in FI based on the G/L don't tie at the cost center and order level to the cooresponding CO reports.

On the other hand, we have many thousands of CO CAT2 type of transactions where the entry is to credit and debit the same cost center for hours. Since this is a zero effect on the cost center, we do not want to post these in FI

To fix this issue, we are looking at using a different method in our CO>FI variant, specifically the Rule method. Is the purpose of creating a rule to further restrict or enhance when to create an FI document outside of normal Real time scenarios (issue 2 above).

Thanks in advance for your help