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Former Member
Mar 26, 2009 at 02:35 PM

Update the values of budget and budget released in CNS41


Guys, good morning

Previously when we were releasing the budget and the budget of projects by CJ30 and CJ32 put the value for both years and for the total value.

Now change this setting so that the user does not have to inform the total value, or today it tells only the value of the year for both budget and to release the budget.

With this change, the reports of PS were out of budget for projects that already have budget and release of budget before the current configuration. So the projects that do not update the total in the reports.

For projects that have the budget done and released after setting the total value normally is updated in all budget reports of PS.

As to reports of Report Painter, enter in forms and hide the line and / or column of the total value, solving the problem and thus confusing the user.

But in other reports the type CNS41, the budget amount and value of the budget released for the projects that were budgeted and had released their budgets before the current configuration the value is not updated.

I wonder if there is any note, program, setup or anything else I can do for these reports (CNS41 and others) show the correct value for the budget and release of budget for projects budgeted before setting?