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Mar 26, 2009 at 02:35 PM

Extraction KNVV data from ERP via iDOC


Hi All,

I want to (mass) extract customer names+data (KNA1) from 4.6 ERP that later has to be loaded into MDM

(to be processed further with MDM/Java applications we develop at SAP).

Also the "favourite" currency of the extracted KNA1 items are to be extracted.

I have to do it automatically. BAPI-based "online" solution is inacceptable for the customer.

The extraction should be done via XI + iDOC.

The extraction step and the necessary iDOC is not clear for me.

#Is the iDOC DEBMDM06 or DEBMAS06 a good choice?

I don't see what is a segment of an iDOC for (E1KNVVM).

I tried to extract items from KNA1 with tr. MDM_CLNT_EXTR with extractor CUSTOMER_EXTRACT.

Unfortunately the KNVV view related fields were not in the iDOC sent to the XI.

/I don't really wonder since the sales area information were also necessary when

specifying the customer to get KNVV-related fields - also the sales currency of the partner/.

#Is there an extractor - either for MDM_CLNT_EXTR of for other ERP extraction client program -

where the Sales area is also a parameter?

I have rather Java-based experiences without practical iDOC/XI knowledge.

I've used SAP note 1035601 as a use case for PDF. Unfortunately I don't see how to make

the next step towards extracting from KNVV.



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