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Former Member
Mar 26, 2009 at 01:56 PM

Purchasers and N-step Line Item Approval Workflow


Hi Experts,

I have activated the Purchasers workflow(WS14000044) and Line Item Approval workflow(14000015) and the approval BADI. I have also maintained start conditions for the two workflows.

The Purchasers workflow should get triggered only when the free item entry exists and for the approval workflow the price and vendor should not be null.

When a requestor creates a shopping cart for a free text entry it goes to the buyer and when the buyer approves, the SC comes to his inbox and shows approved by the buyer and on saving it goes again to the buyer without triggering the line item workflow.

I activated the one step approval workflow instead of the line item approval with the same start conditions and it works correctly, when approved by the buyer it comes to the requestors inbox and on saving it goes for the approval.

When the line item approval workflow alone is activated it correctly goes for the approval and in the approval preview shows the correct approvers as per the BADI.

Please send in ur suggestions to activate the purchasers workflow and the line item approval workflow together.