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Jul 23, 2018 at 05:26 AM

Key Figure calculation Issue


Hello All,

I am trying to configure the below flow using Key figure calculations. All Key figures are defined at the same Base Planning Level.

KF1 is a stored and System Editable Key Figure.

KF2 defaults to KF1 and is "Editable in the Current and Future"

KF3 is a stored Key figure.

KF4 is a calculated Key Figure ( KF4 = KF3 * KF1)

I have configured KF5 as--> If KF2 is null, then KF 5 = KF4 + KF1 , else KF2.

However while testing the above calculation, the addition of KF4 + KF1 is not reflected in KF5 when KF2 is null. If KF2 has a value (edits are made in KF2 and saved), then KF5 reflects the correct value.


Case 1 :
KF1 = 100
KF 2 = 200 (manually edited and saved)
KF3 = 0.2

KF4 = 20 (calculated based on KF formula)
KF 5 = 200 (as expected)

Case 2:

KF 1 = 100

KF 2 = 100 (defaults to KF 1, no manual edit)

KF 3 = 0.2

KF 4 = 20 (calculated based on KF formula)

KF 5 = 100 ( expected value here is 100 + 20 = 120 )

We get the expected results if the addition of KF 1 and KF 4 is copied to a stored Key figure using a Copy Operator. And then the stored Key Figure is used in the calculation of KF5. However we do not want to use a operator in our design. Is there any way to have the above scenario with Key figure calculation only?

Thanks in advance !