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Jul 21, 2018 at 05:13 PM

Multi year YTD analysis using current member variable in BW 7.5


Hello Everyone,

I am faced with a tricky reporting requirement which involves the use of current member variables in a BW Query.

Requirement is quite simple. Suppose if the user runs a report with the Cal year month interval -> 01.2018 - 12.2018 then against each month in the row i am able to show YTD value.

But when i run the report with the interval -> 06.2017 - 07.2018, the YTD calculation should reset itself after the change of the year.

Kindly see the output attached to know the output. I am also attaching the technical detail of the YTD Keyfigure.

sdn1.pngIn the output you will see that the YTD values are displayed correctly from the month Jun 2017 till Dec 2017. But if you see the YTD value of Jan 2017 it adds up the value of Dec 2017 and Jan 2018. This is something that i want to avoid happening.

Kindly suggest if there is a way to avoid it.


A Singh


sdn.png (20.8 kB)
sdn1.png (10.3 kB)