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Jul 20, 2018 at 04:26 PM

SAP S/4HANA 1709 Embedded EWM-Quality Inspection Process gap


qm-error.jpgHi All,

I am trying to do the quality inspection in EWM. I have done whole QM setup and POSC.

1st step - Door to Unload -Its done, GR also done.

2nd step- Unload to QIS work center - Inspection lot created in ECC. I found in QA32 and done the Usage decision from there. UD successful.

But I am not sure about the right process. I thought we will do inspection in transaction /SCWM/QINSP, but in 1709 its going for dump.

Then I tried /SCWM/QINSP_S4, but I cant see any data in it.

After we do the Usage decision in ERP, the next putaway task is not getting active, its still showing in waiting(B) status only.

Can someone help me to know right process to perform the quality process in Embedded EWM?

Many thanks in anticipation.



qm-error.jpg (125.4 kB)