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Jul 20, 2018 at 03:44 PM

SDI - error when executing a replication task



I have created a remote source (to a local flat file) using SDI. I have no issue when creating a virtual table on top of this source and when creating a replication task on the same source.

But when executing the replication task, the following error occured: invalid name of function or procedure

[11:44:08] Start
executing REPT_CNTR....

[11:44:09] InternalError:
dberror($.hdb.Connection.executeProcedure): 328 - SQL error, server error code:
328. invalid name of function or procedure: demo::REPT_CNTR.START_REPLICATION:
line 1 col 13 (at pos 12) at

Any idea on what can cause this kind of error ?

I'm using a neo trial db (1SPS12) and the last available version of the SDI components (2.3 for the agent).

Thanks in advance.