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Mar 25, 2009 at 09:52 PM

forced to remap one database object at a time


Our application exposes a set of data objects (views) for external reporting. Field/row level data security conditions are built into the view definitions. Different access levels are segmented by schema names and in order to enable report reuse object names are identical between schemas.

Users granted schema rights based on their access level.

For example, user A is granted access only to the schema X which contains View1, View2, etc. while user B is granted access only to the schema Y which also contains View1, View2, etc.

User A can reuse report created by user B (since object names are identical), however s/he cannot do it without first changing the data source location (since their access levels and therefore schema names are different).

However, "Set Datasource Location" dialog (see sample screenshot below) does not allow one-click schema remapping. "Current Data Source" hierarchy does not directly expose schema name (it is listed as an "Owner" property of the individual table/view object) which forces user to remap one database object at a time by expanding top and bottom trees, highlighting matching objects and clicking "Update" button.

Our question is: are there any menu items/settings or any other facilities in Crystal Report that would allow us to make re-mapping process less time-consuming?