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Mar 25, 2009 at 08:08 PM

Does anyone have "Best Practices" to move GRC 5.2 to its own environment?



Has anyone else put the GRC applications on a shared server and then decided to move them? We have been running Access Enforcer, & Compliance Calibrator on a box shared with Solution Manager. We now have permission to put it on a separate server. We have been looking for "Best Practices" for making this type of change. If you have experience doing these would you be willing to share knowledge?

Also, what little we have advise or knowledge we have found indicates "there is no way to do a J2EE system copy from a dual-stack system into a J2EE-only system." Does anyone know if this is true?

We want to move the GRC 5.2 to its own environment before we upgrade to GRC 5.3...