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Mar 25, 2009 at 06:58 PM

UOM Conversion to be used in transformation


Hi Experts,

I am trying to make use of the BI 7.0 UOM conversion feature in one of our InfoCubes where the source quantity which is in Base UOM needs to be converted to cases.

I went through all the steps which are as follows:

1. I have 0BASE_UOM as the base unit of measure for 0MATERIAL

2. A DSO was automatically generated with the name Z_OUOM I gave in 0MATERIAL configuration

3. I created a transformation for this DSO with source as 0MAT_UNIT

4. Created a DTP and loaded the DSO

5. Created a Conversion type with settings 'Dynamic Determination of conversion factor as Using Reference InfoObject = 0MATERIAL

Source Unit of Measure: Unit of Measure from Data Records

6. Target Unit of Measure: Fixed Unit of Measure = 'CS'.

In InfoCube transformation I have the following mapping:

Rule type: Direct Assignment

Target Unit: 0UNIT

Unit: From Conversion

Conversion Type: ZCASES

Source Unit: 0BASE_UOM

Source Fields of Rule:




Target Fields of Rule:



When I load the InfoCube, the quantities are indeed getting converted to cases provided there are conversion factors available for that material in the UOM generated DSO

Here is my question: How can I handle records where the material does not have conversion factors in the UOM generated DSO?

I get an error when loading using a DTP as 'No quantity conversion possible'. There is one record in the source DSO that has a material number with no unit conversions in UOM generated DSO

I am aware there is an option of using routine, but I do not want to use it unless I am sure this method won't work