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Mar 25, 2009 at 02:57 PM

FI delta extractions


I am extracting data for FI-AR using 0FI_AR_4, I wanted to understand how the deltas work for this. I thought that with the PI2002.1 we can run deltas more than once in a day or atleast get docs posted today to BW.

So I was wondering if there are documents posted in the morning and I run the deltas today evening, will I be able to get those documents to BW? If not till what all documents will I get in the delta being run today?

The time in tables BWOM2_TIMEST shows the time from 5PM the day my init was run and and 5PM on the day when I am running the deltas. Is that 5PM time standard or can be changed somewhere or is based on the when I run my Init? How does this time changes with each of my delta uploads.

Also, for table BWFI_AEDAT, once I load the deltas will the older entries from here be cleared?

If I am running an Init for only a few company codes (as that is the requirement currently) if after 6 months the users want to have data for other company codes loaded to BW, how can I achieve that. I can load the full historical data for that company code but what do I do for init. and deltas for that company code?

Answers/suggestions for the above questions are greatly appreciated.