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HANA Table Functions SQL script

Dear All,

HANA studio(SQL)

Table function 1.:


It_output = select * from table_function2 (:it_data);


Table_Function 2 :: (in IT_INPUT Table (xyz) );


DECLARE CURSOR c_cursor3 (cur_ident3 varchar(20)) FOR select *

from :IT_input ;

Here I want to use IT_INPUT table using For Loop cursor statement; But I am getting error as "

Cannot use local temporary table inside a procedure/function:


Please suggest? Is there any alternative.

Is it possible to call table function within same table function?

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  • Please can you share your whole code and the information what HANA version you are using?

  • Hello,

    I have created both table functions in SYSTEM schema. I was using as DEFAULT SCHEMA "_SYS_BIC". Once I commented default schema statement, then it worked. Request you to clarify more details about this. I am using SQL script reference.

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