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Mar 25, 2009 at 09:42 AM

Message type SHPCON, idoc type DELVRY01


Hi SAP Gurus,

I am using message type SHPCON and idoc type DELVRY01 with processing code DELV to post goods issue for a delivery note.

I tried to simulate the inbound entry via WE19. I was not able to proceed with the posting because I encountered error 51 in idoc.

Field EXIDV empty

Field VHILM empty

These fields are in E1EDL37 and E1EDL44 respectively, and referring to HU information in which we don't have.

What I have filled up are the fields:

E1EDL20-VBELN = DO num

E1EDL20-VSTEL = Plant



E1ADRM1-PARTNER_IQ = recv plant

E1EDTH13-QUALF = "015"

E1EDTH13-NTANF = date today

E1EDL24-POSNR = 000010

E1EDL24-MATNR = material num

E1EDL24-WERKS = delv plant

E1EDL24-LGORT = sloc

E1EDL24-LFIMG = quantity

E1EDL24-VRKME = unit

E1EDL24-LGMNG = quantity

E1EDL24-MEINS = unit

May I know how to avoid this or if I missed some fields that resulted to this error ? Or am I using the wrong message type?