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Mar 25, 2009 at 09:29 AM

CRM inbound queues SYSFAIL


HI Experts,

Need your help regarding our problem in CRM 5.0 inbound queue.

My problem is related to thread "CRM list of queues registration information" (crm-list-of-queues-registration-information), but the only difference is that our CRM is used to replicate data in DM and CML and not a standalone system like the mentioned thread.

Our inbound queues have more than 50,000 messages already, with the oldest dating back to May of 2008. I checked the SMQR and no CSA* queues are NOT registered. I also checked the SMW3_00 and there were NO definitions of BDoc types that's why the option of the DO NOT SEND resolution is not applicable to our case. The queues are getting locked, so I manually unlock it and refresh, then it results to SYSFAIL making our SMW01 queues get stuck in a yellow intermediate state.


Status Text: BDoc Message processing cannot be started. MW not operational!

I already reviewed the following notes and none of it seemed to give us a definite solution:





Quesitons are:

a. Is it safe to just delete the old files and just create a BDoc Type entries for BUPA_MAIN and BUPA_Rel so that we could apply the DO NOT SEND resolution?

b. If we set up the BDOC types and apply the DO NOT SEND resolution, will it be safe to reprocess all the pending CSA* queues even if its old already (May 2008) to clear the SMW01 queues as well?

Please advise which is the best resolution for this.

Thank you very much!