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Mar 25, 2009 at 08:43 AM

Cost By Seria Number


Dear All,

In B1, there are 3 valuation methods (FIFO, Average, and Standard). And we can Manage Cost by Item Code or by Warehouse.

Anybody know how to maintain cost by serial number? it is possible to maintain cost by serial number or not in B1?

For Example :

Item Code : A001 - Item1

Good Receipt Transactions


Receipt Date Item Code Serial Number Unit Price

1/1/2009 A001 SN001 1000

1/10/2009 A001 SN002 1200

1/30/2009 A001 SN002 1500

In 2/2/2009, if we make a delivery order for Item A001 (Item1), and we choose serial Number SN002.

Cost Of Good Sold In B1 for this Delivery Order:


- If we use FIFO Valuation Method : COGS Value = 1200

- If we use Average Valuation Method : COGS Value = 1233.33

Is it possible if we want use Actual Cost (Cost By Serial Number) which value is 1200 (because we choose SN002 for this Delivery Order).

Thank U All.