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Jul 20, 2018 at 01:11 PM

Using Time Dimensions from Live Connections



we are using a Live Connection between SAP Analytics Cloud and our BW.

While the general connection and using the data works good, there seems to be a problem with the time dimensions and the hierarchies.

While the time dimensions I created with Excel Files automatically had a Drill-Down from quarter to month etc., there is no such feature with the time dimensions from the live connection. Actually, the dimensions don´t seem to be recognized as time dimensions at all, e.g. I can´t use time based calculations either.

I wonder what the problem could be?
Does the time dimension from the BW have to be in a specific date format or are there particular prerequisites concerning the time dimension in BW to be recognized as such in Analytics Cloud?

Thanks in advance!
If you need further information I´d be happy to provide anything you need to solve the problem.

Best regards,
Frederic Wall