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Jul 20, 2018 at 07:18 AM

Object with navigation attribute doesn't show up in the final composite Provider


Hi All,

I've a model with 3 composite providers (Comp 1, Comp 2 and Comp 3). Comp1 and Comp 2 are added as a union to Comp3 All my queries are built on Comp3.

ln Comp 1 I've a InfoObject Grade which has a navigation attribute called Blend and Material Group and Crop Year as compounded attributes for Grade. Another object Comp Code has a navigation attribute called company group.

In Comp 1 all the objects appear fine with their corresponding navigation attributes. But when I go to Comp 3 I can see the navigation attribute only for Comp Code. But navigation attributes do not appear for the object Grade. When I right click on Grade and select Navigation Attributes I am getting a message saying "No navigation attributes found".

Why is it that I am able to add Blend as a navigation attribute for Grade in Comp 1 but am not able to do it in Comp 3.

How do I enable navigation attribute for Grade for Comp3?

Please answer.