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Mar 25, 2009 at 12:45 AM

Cancel Confirmation when Qty = 0


Hi All,

Could you please help me in the below issue?

In SRM, we can post a confirmation with qty = o and last delivery box set. This will set the delivery completion indicator in backend PO.

Now if I delete (cancel / 102 mvt type) this confirmation in SRM it is going to error in process. It is not allowing the user to process further confirmation for the Po as the entry for this Po is available in the BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB table.

IDOC in SRM has been processed successfully. But in R/3, the IDOC got failed with the error msg:

Qty and / or "delivery completed" ind. or final issue ind. are missing.

I suspect that the reason could be the last delivery set in the confirmation document.

I simualted the same directly in backend system. When I tired to cancel the GR document (qty = 0) by the selecting delivery completed = set, it is not allowing me to do so. But when I set that field to "set automatically" then I am able to cancel it.

Can you please help me to know what should I do in SRM for cancelling the confirmation document which was posted with qty = 0 and last delivery set?

We are in SRM 4.0 with backend 4.6c.

Looking forward your help!!