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Jul 19, 2018 at 08:11 PM

What all criteria should be considered while choosing between SAP FIORI/SAP LUMIRA/Tableau


Hi All,

I want to build analytical app - at high level this app is going to need a lot of transaction data from back end system (SAP IS-U) and then with additional processing logic I want to develop dashboard/App that will help users to get insight and also have additional capabilities by which they can change some parameters on the screen to see how it will affect various other parameters.

When started to get more details what tool should be used for UI - I came across various options like FIORI (AFP, Analytical list page ...etc), Tableau, Lumira etc

But when I tried to search some material around how can I decide what is most suitable for purpose I could not get comparative analysis. Especially between Fiori and others.

So if you guys can share some thoughts around key parameters that should drive decision about what tool to use.