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Mar 24, 2009 at 10:25 AM

Double items CCM


Hi guys,

We're currently facing an issue with double items in CCM and I ran out of ideas.

The contentmanager has updated a catalog and published the Master. At first he didn't see the changes. He then removed the catalog, published the Master, uploaded the catalog again, performed the mapping, and published the Master again.

In TREXADMIN I can see that there are double items. But when I go to the positions of the catalog (via maintain catalog) I can only see the recent items as it should be.

So somewhere between maintaining en publishing the catalog something is not updated.

There are no errors in /CCM/CHECK_TREX

In table /CCM/D_CTLG_REQ there's only 1 active entry for Proces SE, Master catalog. This should be ok. There's also only 1 active entry for the concerning catalog with proces AI.

Checked table /CCM/D_PUB_ST, but there are no errors here. All publications are succesful.

Tabled /CCM/D_UPD_STATE gives me a result for this particular catalog with status 05 (completed), ok as well to my opinion.

Any ideas what to do in order to remove the double items in the catalog?