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Mar 24, 2009 at 09:17 AM

Authorization Issue


Dear All,


I have one user in R/3 for example USER1, who has almost all the authorizations. We have created one custom transaction code and set certain authorizations for the same and assigned this tcode to user USER1.

However, when he executes this tcode, the result is not correct! In order to solve this I have done the following work arounds:

Workaround 1:

1. Created a test user and assigned only this custom tcode to this user.

2. Executed this tcode and got the desired results.

Workaround 2:

1. Deleted USER1 from R/3.

2. Copied test user to new user USER1.

3. Accessed the custom tcode. However, the I did not get the desired result!

I regenreated all the roles in R/3 and created user USER1 from scratch and assigned this custom tcode again. But I did not get the desired result.

I think the USER1 master data is not getting updated in the system.

Can anybody please give his/her inputs on the same?

If you need any more information,please let me know.