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Mar 24, 2009 at 03:36 AM

Add a new Row to a table in HCM forms and Processes


Dear All,

I am haunted with the problem of adding a new line to a table on clicking a "ADD new Line" button on the Adobe form, how can this be achieved.

What I have done

I have created the table and followed the instruction of OSS note 1043692, i have kept a 1 initial line. Though this adds a line everytime I click on add new line as I have maintained 1 initial line, but this creates a problem in next stage of approval as it shows an extra line(because of the 1 initial line maintained).

Anybody has any other logic of adding a new line to a tabular display in HCM P&F(Infotype 0014)

Note : I have tried all ways of adding extra lines through Javascript, though it adds lines, it is not captured. So I have dropped the idea of javascript.