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Former Member
Mar 23, 2009 at 09:17 PM

JMS to Synchronous Web Service Scenario (Need Advice to use BPM or Not)


Hi Experts,

We have a scenario where we fetch data from JMS Sender and Send it to MDM Webservices.

We want to have the files processed in such a way that until we get a response from webservice back that it was sucessful ,then only we need to process the next file.

We would need advice as can we use BPM for this.

We are thinking of having BPM like this:

RecieveStep(Asyn)-SynchronousSend Step(with wait)-Stop

The problem with this is when processing huge files the processing time of the Queue is taking very long and sometimes we are getting SYSFAIL.

Please would anyone advice as how can we approach this scenario either using BPM or without.

Also Can we use multiple queues or multpile instances concept for this scenario.

Please Advice.

Thanks in Advance