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Mar 23, 2009 at 06:48 PM

How do I get a lost activation key for 4.5 after computer crashed


I have version 4.0 and I also upgraded to 4.5. Unfortunately my computer crashed and I had to reinstall windows and I lost most of my data including my key for 4.5 I had the key for 4.0 and managed to re-install that but I want to go to 2008, mostly for the print function and I read that you can't upgrade any of 4.0 to 2008 although I did manage to do so with a small one quite easily, just had some fonts that needed to be modified. I tried it with a larger scenario and it seems to convert quite nicely with the same font issue but when I try to preview it, it goes into preview mode and seems to get about half way there and just hangs. I exported the scenario to a pdf and html and they do the same when I try to open them. Is this just a problem with 4.0 to 2008 or do I need to convert everything to 4.5 and if so, how do I get an activation key or do I just need to start from scatch with 2008. All of my scenarios just use excell as the a source although some of them have about 100 objects, 4 sheets in the excell spread sheet, with a max of about 400 rows in any sheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.