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Jul 17, 2018 at 02:07 PM

BW4HANA - Advanced DSO ( Aplication Layer or DB Layer)


Experts - It always intriguing question to me for one of the Scenario. As we all know Advanced DSO is the new Data target replaced for CUBEs. However if I create a BEX query on top of advanced DSO will it reads the data from HANA DB layer or Application Layer ?.. If Ye, why is the new option where ' External SAP HANA view ' which generate a calculation view. I understand that all Calculation views are read from HANA DB Layer

So my question is does it make any difference creating a BEX query on top of ADSO or on the Generated calculation view on the same ADSO ?. May I know if both options read the data from HANA DB layer ?

Awaiting for interesting answer

Thanks! Aluri