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Former Member
Mar 23, 2009 at 10:49 AM

Diffrence in Data base structure of Appraisal Substatus in R/3 & BI....


Hi to all,

Actually in BI for Appraisal Substatus we have 0HAP_SUBSTA infoobject. which is not compounding with Appraisal status 0HAP_STATUS. But in R/3 if we see the master table or text table of Appraisal Sub status then it is compounded with Appraisal status. how's this possible? R/3 Tables are T77HAP_SSTATUS, T77HAP_SSTATUS_T.

Extractor for Appraisal substatus Text is 0HAP_SUBSTA_TEXT.

Any body know why there is diffrence in R/3 in BI for store the value of Appraisal Sub Status?