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Mar 21, 2009 at 05:05 PM

u0421lassification operation of equipment task list


Hi All.

There is a necessity of entry for operations task list several additional characteristics (for example a text format), thus the user fields are already involved by other data. Availability of the user expansion of the screen for operation equipment task list equipment - are not present usr-exit or badi for the screen. Would arrange a variant of assignment of operation to a class, however for operation equipment task list(type E) not possibility assign object to class and assign value in transaction IA01, IA02. We can assign operation equipment task list to class and assign value only in transaction CL24N or CL20N. At the same time ispection plan (type Q) or routing (type N) provide the given function. Help with the decision of the given problem - whether probably to classify operations equipment task list E or there are other methods for input of the additional information in operation equipment task list .

Thanks and Regards

Nathalia Stoicheva