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Jul 18, 2018 at 07:39 AM

MTO scenario with sales order related


Dear cons

We have 3 plants where 2 plants are under one company code & other is another company code.

  • 1.Plant X is under company code- A
  • 2.Plant Y & Z are under company code- B.

Plant X created a sales order for its customer for selling of some of the materials. But the material is not available in plant-X, so plant X wants to create an inter-company STO against plant Y. As the material is not available in plant- Y, so plant Y wants to create an intra STO against plant-Z to get the materials. Also to supply material to plant Y, plant Z wants to create a standard PO for external vendor to supply material to Y.

This is a MTO scenario. Our concern is when the sales order is created for plant X which is for company code- A, then how the same sales order with GL will be maintained in Intra STO & Standard PO as that GL account is created for the company code- A.