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Former Member
Mar 21, 2009 at 05:56 AM

Problem in Copying Pricing Condition Type


Hi All,

This problem is regarding copying pricing condition type in Sales Order. The problem is given below with an example -

Qty of Material A - 10 PC.

Condi Type Amount Currency Per UOM Condition value Currency

ZP06 100 INR 1 PC 1000.00 INR

ZP07 2 INR 1 PC 20.00 INR

ZP08 98 INR 1 PC 980.00 INR Statistical

ZP01 98 INR 1 PC 980.00 INR Mandatory with ERL A/c Key Active

The condition types ZP06 & ZP07 have access sequence maintained for them and ZP08 has been derived deducting ZP07 from ZP06.

I want the above mentioned scenario where the values of Condition Type ZP08 which is a Statistical Condi Type will be copied exactly & entirely to condition type ZP01 where It will remain active alongwith posting key ERL.

I have tried copying it by 100 % copy but the value is getting changed as 100% instead of 98 INR.

Considering the above scenario please suggest some soluitons.

Thanks & Regards