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Former Member
Mar 20, 2009 at 09:54 PM

sap-syscmd=nocookie and Statefull BSP's -> Session timeout


I have a tricky problem - and I'am hoping for your helpfull input... please.. 😊

I have developed a Statefull BSP application - and this application should be called from a SAP CRM application - and it should be possible to call and execute this aplication in a new session everytime it's called from CRM (a new controller/model instance per call).

In the CRM application I can define the JavaScript which should be exectued in order to start the external application - and I have used the script'bsp-url) to start my BSP application.

In my first attempt I ran into the problem that all new windows was started in the same new session - with the consequence that all new windows tried to use the same controller and model instance - leading to inconsistent data...

Then I read an SDN article about the parameter sap-syscmd=nocookie. With this url parameter it should be possible to force the BSP to be executed in a new session - and it works.... or... a new session is generated and the BSP generates the correct output after the initial call (and according to SM04 I have a new session). I was quite happy until I pressed a button in my BSP page triggering an HTMLB-event - which lead to the following error: "400 Session timed out - please login again". So it looks like the 1. part is okay with the new session - but the response generated and sent to the browser cannot frind it's way bay to the right session in SAP... what did I do wrong???